About Us

Humble beginnings

My name is Adam Johnson, I am happily married, a father of 4 children and a long time Anthem resident. Devoted 18 years of my life in the Grocery/Retail business and countless hours. During many conversations with customers I observed how busy life can be for many and sought a need for pet waste clean up service. I wanted to make life easier for pet owners, knowingly, after a long day at work the last thing a person wants to do was to keep up with the dirty work left by their fur babies, that is when Doody Defense was born beginning January 1, 2017.

The Doody Problem

It’s a rampant problem, people that have pets are often unable to freely enjoy their backyards¬† because they are overwhelmed to take on the eloquent task. If you can smell the odor left by the pet waste, fecal molecules are entering your body and are likely being tracked indoors by your pet’s paws. The resulting toxic impact on health and home has big impact on you and your families health.

The solution you've been waiting for is here

That’s where Doody Defense comes in… Animals have and always will hold a special place in my life. I am a big animal lover ever since I was a child. I grew up with many pets of all kinds and always had the responsibility to care for them. I feel it’s essential to care and provide a healthy environment for our blended Human and Animal families. I hope you agree.

CEO/Founder, Adam Johnson